Nima Kazazi Director and Editor

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Nima Kazazi was born somewhere in the west of Iran in 1991. He was fascinated by watching movies since childhood, and this led him to enter the filmmaking profession at a young age …

Read happiness with me (2017)

Film production

Read me; unheard stories (2022)

Film Production

Qelich (2020)


Nima Kazazi Film Maker

he experienced making short films, photography and acting in the theater.

Live performance

Live television is a television production broadcast in real-time.

Cinema production

used to structure and present all video information, including films

Video editing

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots.


Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images

Nima Kazai Filmmaker

In the same years, he started writing short scripts and chose film editing as his profession.

he started teaching editing to those interested in this profession

”Freedom”, “nature” and “culture” are the subjects that he uses to create his work in cinema, so that he can share his view with the audience.